(VIDEO) "Alien Egg": Mysterious Unidentified Purple Orb Discovered Underwater


MARINE researchers scouring the ocean floor off the coast of Southern California have stumbled upon a bizarre glowing purple orb.The discovery has shocked the research community who are struggling to explain what the orb could be amid fears it could be an "alien egg". Researchers on board the exploration vessel were shocked when they saw a mysterious glowing purple orb on their live feed.

The scientific team then took a sample of the mysterious creature, lurking at 5,301 feet in a deep-water canyon.

A spokesman for the Nautilus team, which scours the murky depths of deep ocean beds, said: "This unidentified purple orb stumped our scientists onboard."

Footage of the moment the scientists discovered the creature has now been released. 

One scientist says: "Oh, what is that?"

Someone replies: "I'm stumped, I have no idea."

Another agrees: "I actually have no idea. I have no idea what that is," while a member of team warns the creature could be "an undersea spider egg sac".



The two-inch orb has been sent to the Harvard Museum of Comparative Zoology to try and identify the creature. 

Some researchers believe the orb could be a pleurobranches, beings related to sea slugs.

Inquisitive viewers online suggested the orb could be an "alien egg".

However, the research team said: "We won't know definitively what it is for a while. It could possibly take years for scientists to determine if it's a new species."

While nearly 100 per cent of Venus has been mapped, only five percent of the ocean has been properly explored.


Source : www.express.co.uk



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