UFO hunter claims ‘artificial underground passageway’ hidden on the moon has been discovered (Video)

A UFO hunter claims a new study reveals there is a secret underground passageway hidden on the moon. Tyler Glockner, founder of Secure Team 10 , a UFO hunting website, claims to have spotted an abnormal structure in a picture taken by space craft Apollo 15.

An image of the moon’s surface shows a small rectangle shape casting a shadow to the right.

In a study of the object, Tyler claims it appears to be man-made and could link to an underground tunnel.

He says: “These features may be of artificial origin, meaning someone built and put them on the moon.

“These things look like buildings, they look like installations and they were originally discovered in an Apollo image which you can actually find online itself.

“We are looking at the original photograph and you almost immediately will be able to detect these things from shadows and shapes.

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